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Healthy and Prosperous

As I began re-reading the bible again this year, I was drawn to God’s heart for His children, His overall concern for our well being, especially for our whole health, Spirit, Soul and Body. I say health because that word itself denotes “the state of being free from illness or injury.” Dear friend, I pray … Continued

A Word from Dan Slade

Hi all our Partners and Friends, It has been so good to see so many of you at our various conferences and retreats over the last few months.  We are continuing to celebrate our 20th anniversary as many of our UK and European leaders gather in London,UK this week. PIH has come a long way … Continued

Digging the Well Deeper

Whilst attending the PIH gathering in May 2016 The Lord dropped something into my heart. I was talking with my husband over the telephone and he was giving me an update on some problems that were occurring with the well at our home in South Carolina.  Dramatically, there was dark gray water pouring out of … Continued

On The Run: A Book Review

‘On The Run’ by Steve and Sandra Long was not quite what I was expecting. I have known Steve and Sandra for the majority of  my life – I met them when I was eight years old. I have had the privilege of growing up with them and being under their leadership while I was … Continued

The Apostolic Heart – What Makes It Tick?

When I think about explaining the roles of apostles, apostolic ministry, “the apostolic” or however you might say it, there is a particular question that comes to mind. For me, the vital question is this: What makes an apostle tick? Or what is in the heart of an apostle? It is logical to pinpoint apostolic … Continued

Global Apostolic Nature of Partners In Harvest

Dear Partners and Friends, It was good to see many of you in September at our PIH annual gathering.  What a spiritual feast we had with our team as well as visitors like Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland and Marcus Lamb.  I hope you were able to attend got filled up and ready to go again … Continued

Marriage and Trees

There is something profound and moving when an aged and mature tree is felled by human hands. When a tree dies of old age, or even a storm, it feels different – somehow ‘part of the order of things’. Yet, the premature felling of trees in scripture is often a motif for judgement, calamity or … Continued

The Times We Live In

Dear Partners and Friends, Our world is facing massive challenges these days, especially for Christians in the Middle East, Africa and now North America.  Many of us are reeling by the recent US Supreme Court decision allowing same-sex marriage nation-wide.  Although that has been the law in Canada for almost 10 years, with corresponding limiting … Continued

Operation ILSOM: Reaching Every State of Mexico in 2016

Several years ago, I was ministering on a short term trip in Ciudad Juarez in the northern part of Mexico.  The city had become famous (or infamous) throughout Mexico and the United States.  Rival gangs and drug cartels fought each other and recruited jobless, fatherless youth to fight their wars, giving them guns and some … Continued

A Leader’s Confidence

Hi all our partners and friends, i hope spring has sprung in your area. Here in Toronto we are still shivering but we can always hope… I have been meditating recently on a leader’s confidence and how it is often shaken. For our family newsletter this month rather than writing a full expanded article, i … Continued

Reclaiming Christian Heritage for Christ

Over the last 50 years the people of Britain have gradually lost touch with the Christian heritage which shaped the landscape and culture of the country. Britain has seen the heroic missionaries of the ‘Dark Ages’, miracles of the medieval saints, the spiritual renewal of the Reformation, and the growth of a new-style Christianity with … Continued

Succeeding a Great Leader

Joshua and Moses Joshua 1:1–18 What Moses did? Saw potential in Joshua Exodus 17:8–16 (Joshua is selected by Moses to lead the Israelite army into battle against the Amalekites). Mentored Joshua Exodus 24:13, Exodus 32:19 (Joshua is with Moses when he receives the 10 commandments and when he smashes them). Gave Joshua responsibilities Exodus 33:11, … Continued

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