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Living in the Secret Place

In 1994, in Toronto God poured out His Spirit on our small church at the end of an airport runway. It was dramatic and when God came, people fell down and many experienced God impact their flesh and hearts.  Everyone was touched.  We were privileged to be there. God seemed to put great value on … Continued

Women in Ministry – Part 2

God uses Women The Second book of Kings tells of an account that speaks clearly about this topic.  When King Josiah’s servant rediscovers the book of the law (2 Kings 22) a notable chain of events takes place.  On hearing the words of the law, distraught, the King commands that his servant should “go inquire … Continued

Soaking in His Presence

As people have soaked in God’s presence, they have experienced profound heart changes. Their marriages have been healed, their fears dispelled, depressions and sicknesses have left and lives have been transformed. Our ministry teams continue “soaking” people to this day, nearly ten years later, as they pray for folks waiting for prayer on our prayer … Continued

Good-bye Val Dodd

On April 27, we said good-bye to a dear friend and brother, Val Dodd. Val, and his wife, Brenda, have been an integral part of Partners in Harvest since its beginning in 1996. They founded and built Burloak Christian Fellowship and Val was on the Canadian Board of PIH for many years. Val and Brenda … Continued

Women in Ministry

Sometimes at church, we preach a message.  Other times we live a message. For the last four years and more pertinently for the last four weeks we have been living a message. It is a message that many people do not agree with.  It is a message that stirs the waters.  It is a message … Continued

The Overcomer’s Handbook

Preparing for the Best of Times, the Worst of Times and the End of Times "With all the sense of urgency I can muster, I write this book with an ever growing conviction that we need to prepare, spiritually and practically, for not just one but two unprecedented tsunamis that are on the horizon and … Continued

The Fruits of Fasting

I've been part of the 40 day fast and despite days where it's been challenging (seriously, ever seen a British person without tea for a month???!!!) I'm reaching the stage where I'm starting to see the effects of being more deliberate about pressing into God, and really starting to see the fulfillment of God's word … Continued

How’s Your Heart?

You're a great worship leader, but how's your heart? The role of a worship leader has always been an important one in the life of our local churches, but have we started down the wrong path?  I have a pastor friend from New York State who tells me, "We don't have a worship leader, so … Continued

Reality Check

This article was first released in the Catch the Fire Revival magazine. We loved it so much that we wanted more people to read it. Sarah Burnham is an intern at The Father's House Church, a PIH church in Oroville, CA. Sarah is originally from Reading, England. Sarah fell in love with the Father’s House … Continued

Marriage is the Best!

We Believe that marriage is the basic human relationship between one man and one woman, and as such is intended to reflect the relationship between Jesus Christ the Bridegroom and His bride the church. (Gen 2:18-25, Eph 5: 25-32) Marriage is absolutely one of the battles of today’s culture in western nations.  Less and less … Continued

Health Wisdom

There's a song that says “a spoonful of sugar.”   In the late 1800’s the occasional spoonful added up to about 5 lbs. of sugar, per person, per year. Cardiovascular (heart) disease and cancer were virtually unheard of.  The spoonfuls have increased to cupfuls as the average sugar consumption is now 150 lbs. of sugar, per … Continued

When Brothers Dwell in Unity

Statement of Faith We Believe in unity for all believers in our Lord Jesus Christ and seek community together. We want to become more like Him in every way, who is the head of His body, the Church. We are called to love Him and one another and are enabled to do this only as … Continued

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