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Global Apostolic Nature of Partners In Harvest

Dear Partners and Friends,

It was good to see many of you in September at our PIH annual gathering.  What a spiritual feast we had with our team as well as visitors like Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland and Marcus Lamb.  I hope you were able to attend got filled up and ready to go again with new impartation.

John Arnott, Gwen and I also loved connecting with many of you in Retford, UK for our European gathering, October 22 to 24th. Thanks to John & Margaret Brewster for the special spa treat!

This newsletter is to give you all as our family an update on some clarifications we have put in place regarding the apostolic nature of Partners in Harvest.  As you know the word apostolic has been associated with PIH since its inception. It has been used for decades in the body of Christ and it can mean different things to different people.

When PIH was birthed in 1996, it was clear in our information book that John and Carol Arnott were apostolic leaders.  That term was used from the beginning of our movement.   Also, Fred and Sharon Wright gathered around them an apostolic team that mainly represented North America and the UK.  They met regularly to discuss the advance of the movement.  National and regional coordinators were then appointed under that apostolic team.  As time went on the national and regional coordinators of course became more of the hands on leaders of PIH and the apostolic team role diminished.

In the last year or so, John and Carol with Dan and Gwen in discussion with other leaders felt it was time to re-establish a global apostolic team, more representative of the whole globe.  That team met on September 19th before our recent conference.  The members of that team are:

John Arnott, Steve Long, Duncan Smith, Dan Slade, Rick Oldland, Aussie John Arnott, Andrew Glover, Anderson Lima, Stephanie Jones, Rick D’Orazio, Cameron Wright, Volodymyr Khrapko, and Andrew Brunson.

With these appointments we feel it’s necessary for us to share our understanding of the apostolic.
I want to thank Cameron Wright for compiling our team’s collective thoughts from September 19th and we feel the following descriptions and definitions reflect our heart in what we are trying to communicate with the term apostolic.

The Apostolic Nature of PIH

Partners In Harvest is a global association of autonomous churches and ministries that find unity in our shared vision of revival and our core F.I.R.E. values.  Essential to this vision is recognizing the value of each of the ascension gifts: Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher.  As a movement we aspire that each of these vital gifts having their proper place in our network, in our churches and ministries, and in each member.  These gifts, given by our Lord, for the equipping and maturing of the Church, are a reflection of Him – the distribution of His ministry set upon those whom He has chosen.  The gifts are not to glorify people, but to represent and reproduce Christ in us – His Church.

Partners is by definition an apostolic work.  As a network that spans the globe, Partners has a long history of launching new churches and transforming existing ministries.  We seek to nurture the apostolic role of Partners by beginning a process of defining and implementing the grace and resources that come with this gift.  We see the apostolic, not as a lifeless hierarchical structure, but as a life-giving relational influence.  We will maintain respect of the autonomy (legally, financially, governmentally, etc.) of each church and ministry.  But also ask each member to respect the spiritual and relational authority that comes with those representing the apostolic role recognized by the leadership of Partners In Harvest.

The apostolic influence we envision might be described as a form of spiritual coaching.  The spiritual coaching, or fathering, role of the apostolic will enable and empower each church and ministry to attain their unique calling within our family and in Christ’s Kingdom. The invitation to receive this input is implicit upon joining Partners. Just as being born or adopted into a natural family includes coming into relationship with a father, mother and siblings; joining Partners brings you into relationship with spiritual fathers, mothers and siblings.  The input from our apostolic leaders may be specifically requested, or sought out, by a church or ministry, or it may be initiated by a leader within PIH, such as a regional coordinator, international coordinator, member of the Global Apostolic Team, or someone appointed by the recognized PIH leadership.  Our aim in developing an increase and improvement of the apostolic influence within our network is to better equip and empower local churches and ministries to fulfill their unique calling.  Thank you for being part of this amazing revival network that continues to spread the fire of God’s love, presence, and healing, throughout the nations! We appreciate your patience as the Lord shapes and clarifies the function of the Global Apostolic team and how they interact with the movement.

Another clarification that has been initiated by both the UK and Canadian boards has been that the title of International Coordinator would be changed to International Director to reflect that it is not just an administrative role.  This role is now a 5-year term to be revisited every 5 years.  For those who are not aware, Dan and Gwen Slade were re-appointed for another 5 years near the end of 2014 with the Canadian board’s decision that it would last until December 31, 2019.

We hope these statements can help illuminate who we are as a family of churches.

Dan Slade
International Director
Partners In Harvest

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