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Living in the Secret Place

In 1994, in Toronto God poured out His Spirit on our small church at the end of an airport runway. It was dramatic and when God came, people fell down and many experienced God impact their flesh and hearts.  Everyone was touched.  We were privileged to be there.

God seemed to put great value on getting our attention and putting us in a place where we ceased from our business to stay still and receive from Him. I can remember an evening at The Constellation Hotel. My husband, Bill, had fallen down when prayed for and was questioning if he had taken a “courtesy fall”. He heard God say, “Oh, really? Stand up.” He stood up and immediately was on the ground.  Again he heard “Stand up” and down again he went. Looking around, he could see that no one was near him. Once again he heard “Stand up” and down he fell, taking out many chairs with him. When Bill relayed what had been happening to him, I thought it was hilarious. Our wonderful, Father God, was showing himself to my busy, doing husband who rarely stopped or stood still. I said “It sounds like you should just give up and “surrender” and immediately he fell to the ground.  All night if you said the word “surrender” to Bill, down again he would go, looking so surprised as God overwhelmed him.  

Through all this we learned that God was not as much interested in knocking us down as getting us to just lie down and receive. Our Pastor, John Arnott, would tell us to leave the people on the floor; they weren’t immediately picked up and dusted off as seen on some televangelist shows. He said “Let them lay there until God is finished with them.”  Soon people began to lay on the floor as they waited for prayer, drinking in God’s presence, as they realized “falling down wasn’t the goal” or important, but what God did afterwards was. People began to do what we started to call “Carpet time.” Broken, burnt out, tired, disillusioned Christians laid down and rested in God’s presence and love as He mercifully did heart surgery on old wounds of the past.  God was actually healing hearts all by Himself, without hours of prayer counselling.  People rose up refreshed, with restored vision. We saw healings; physically & emotionally, relationships restored, people equipped, empowered, more able to hear and see from God, as they became more intimate relationally with their Heavenly Father. People learned to trust Him as a good father as they experienced His love. They came to know Him better as they did absolutely nothing; just being with Him, spending time.  We saw the importance of making a conscious decision to position ourselves to receive from God and enter into His presence. “Soaking” was born.

My husband is an avid journaller and “soaker”. God began to reveal Himself through visions of an allegorical nature while Bill soaked and sought God. Bill sits with God “face to face” and receives. God has brought deep healing to Bill’s heart through these revelations. God has also given Bill strategy for business and all of our life problems/issues as he takes that time apart with God in His Secret Place. Bill has recorded these visions and experiences  in a book called “The Secret Place “  and developed exercises in it to help others develop their own Secret Place with God.  

Taking daily time to rest, refresh and hear from God is a lifestyle. People today want revelation, but revelation does not come without intimacy and intimacy does not come without time spent with Him. Our small group that has been going on for over 20 years still sets time a part to drink in God’s presence. This is often done with music, new or old, ”anointed YouTube offerings” or silence as we personally and corporately sense what God is doing and saying.  Our lives have been absolutely changed as we have come to know our heavenly Father through quiet times of daily soaking and experiencing Him. We encourage you to open your heart, enter His secret place, and soak in His presence. It’s life.

Bill and Sue have been ministering for over 25 years, preaching and leading worship on five continents. Together they love to minister the renewal and teach adults and children how to live in Gods’ Secret Place. Bill and Sue believe that the supernatural should be the natural for all believers and that every believer can impact their world for the Kingdom of God as they hear God's will and follow His leading.  Together they have authored “Kids in Renewal,” and published “The Secret Place”. Please go to to order your copy.

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