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Operation ILSOM: Reaching Every State of Mexico in 2016

Several years ago, I was ministering on a short term trip in Ciudad Juarez in the northern part of Mexico.  The city had become famous (or infamous) throughout Mexico and the United States.  Rival gangs and drug cartels fought each other and recruited jobless, fatherless youth to fight their wars, giving them guns and some semblance of family.   With a violent death rate comparable to Bagdad, Iraq or Kabul, Afghanistan the city had almost become a byword for violence.  In the middle of this situation, I went to the top of a mountain overlooking the city to pray and while I was up there the Lord gave me a vision.  In that vision, I saw the map of Mexico and a small fire began to burn.  That fire soon became many fires and within minutes the map was burned.  The Lord then spoke to me that He desired to bring a great revival to this nation that would bless many nations beyond!!!  I pondered this in my heart for several years as I continued with my work in Africa.  Then one year ago, while preaching a crusade in another part of Mexico, the Lord spoke to my wife and I both more urgently than ever before that He was bringing a revival to Mexico!  He then asked us if we would be willing to lay our plans aside and move to Mexico to see the revival birthed.  One month later, we moved to Mexico.

There is an epidemic in the nation of Mexico, of violence and crime, yes but the real root of all the evil is the pattern of fatherlessness.  For years, the orphan spirit has run rampant through the country leaving people scattered and broken.  It’s a nation with very few true fathers which only propagates brokenness among the churches.  Mexico is a nation desperately in need of the revelation of the Father’s heart!  In June of 2014, we met Dan Slade at Iris Ministries in Mozambique.  He agreed to come to our base in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico along with Pastor Buck Eaton to do the very first ILSOM in January of 2015.  Key pastors attended this conference from 7 different states in Mexico.  Almost all of them received emotional healings during this time of encountering the Father’s love!  Many of these leaders begged us to please bring an ILSOM conference to their state.  This hunger birthed a vision in us to do an ILSOM conference in every state of Mexico!!

How will it work?

The nation of Mexico is divided into 32 states.  Our leadership team is busy on the ground preparing to do an ILSOM in a strategic location in every one of those states. We will be doing three ILSOMS every month with three different teams flying into a central location.  Our team of missionaries will then divide up to accompany each of the Partners in Harvest teams to the locations where the conferences will happen.  We will arrange all the logistics including ground transportation, food, accommodations, and translators.  There are 12 states out of the 32 where we still need to find solid connections. We are in the process of visiting every state this year in order to prepare for the 2016 ILSOMs. We really desire to create greater partnerships in this network so anyone who has connections in Mexico we would like to work together to include everyone.

Below is a list of every state where our team has connections (excluding Tamaulipas):

  1. Nuevo León – Monterrey
  2. Coahuila – Salteo
  3. Chihuahua – Juárez
  4. Sonora – Agua Prieta
  5. Baja – Ensenada
  6. Baja S – Cabo San Lucendo
  7. Durango – Álvaro Obregón
  8. San Luis Potosí – San Luis Potosí
  9. Veracruz – Llaves, Posarica
  10. Oaxaca – Llaves
  11. Hidalgo – Pachuca
  12. Guanajuato – Silao
  13. Jalisco – Guadalajara
  14. DF – Distrito Federal
  15. Morelos – Jojutla
  16. Puebla – Puebla City
  17. Tabasco – Villahermosa
  18. Quintana Roo – Cancún
  19. México City

Below is a list of the states where we are seeking solid connections:

  1. Zacatecas
  2. Queretaro
  3. Aguas Calientes
  4. Nayarit
  5. Colima
  6. Michoacán
  7. Guerrero
  8. Campeche
  9. Yucatán
  10. Chiapas
  11. Durango
  12. Sinaloa

If you have connections in any of these states with pastors or leaders who would like to be a part of this mission, please contact me at [email protected]org.

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