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PIH International Conference 2019 Recap

From the inception of this conference we have prayed and asked the Lord to come and visit each
person that attends. Our hearts were expectant for what Holy Spirit would bring through our
speakers, hosts, leaders and each other.

John and Carol Arnott so beautifully shared their hearts about revival and the prophetic words
that are yet to be fulfilled. They prayed impartation over everyone. As the parents of this
movement, it was a great blessing to have them present and receive what they carry.

Steve Witt brought his leadership wisdom as well as his wit, humour and sound exposition of
scripture which left us wanting more. The theme of the conference “Cultivating the
Entrepreneurial Spirit” was epitomized in his talks. Steve reminded us that Jesus was a builder
from His carpentry business, and continues to build His church.

John Pena shared on Moses and his leadership transference of the anointing to the seventy elders,
then anointed people with the oil that miraculously continues to flow from his Bible. That is a
prophetic message for us that we are a Word and Spirit movement: OIL COMING OUT OF
THE BIBLE!!!!! What a humble leader who chose to say yes to God and allows Holy Spirit to
use him so incredibly in different circles.

In the midst of this glory, the undeniable concern of the integration proposal and impending
change was very much evident. Our leaders took every opportunity to bring clarity to the
process which led to the decision and communication sent out to our churches.

John Arnott walked our pastors through the journey, bringing to light some of the information
that was not readily available prior, so that the story became more complete. John acknowledged
feedback from the pastors and even took time out to meet with a select group that needed more
assurance as well as to have their questions answered.

It was a very transparent moment as Duncan Smith shared his heart about his healing journey at
Catch the Fire and his tutelage under John and Carol. It was the first time for many people to
hear Duncan speak authentically about his heart for Partners in Harvest and to hear him speak
about us all as a family that belongs together.

Dan Slade reminded us that humility was in the original DNA of this Toronto movement. In
1984 when prophet Bob Jones saw that the wine was to be poured out in 10 years, the Lord
showed him one of the primary purposes was to offer humility to the church. This walk of
humility is necessary for us all going forward as a movement and into integration.

Dan also shared about the inner audible voice of the Lord speaking a word to him the week
before the conference: “You have not passed this way before”, from Joshua 3:4. That verse
would be worth meditating on.

All in all, the conference was a refreshing combination of being immersed in the presence of
God, having our hearts challenged by Holy Spirit and hearing many prophetic words. Curtis
Hinds’ dream about a reconciliation between PIH and CTF was especially a sobering moment.

Overall, we are so very blessed by the pastors that attended the conference, for their grace to
listen to the leaders as we shared our hearts with them and for the sense of peace throughout the
conference. We have heard very encouraging accounts of excitement and hope about this next
step as the Lord leads us into the coming harvest.

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