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The Overcomer’s Handbook

Preparing for the Best of Times, the Worst of Times and the End of Times

"With all the sense of urgency I can muster, I write this book with an ever growing conviction that we need to prepare, spiritually and practically, for not just one but two unprecedented tsunamis that are on the horizon and which will forever change the spiritual landscape of our world and life as we know it. 

The first massive wave is that of unprecedented turbulence, trouble and shaking on the earth that will be increasingly felt in the economic, geophysical, political, religious and military realms.  We think we have already experienced a once in a lifetime shaking in the global economy (fall of 2008 to March 2009) and in natural disasters over the last number of years but we have only tasted the appetizer.  The main course is now ready to be served.

I don’t believe, however, that this time of trouble is the end.  Rather, I see it as the days and events leading up to the final events of Matthew 24 and the book of Revelation, which could still be decades away.  The present time is described as “the beginning of birth pains” (Matthew 24:8 NIV) and in the King James version as “the beginning of sorrows”.

The other tidal wave bearing down upon us is that of an unprecedented spiritual awakening, of God’s Spirit being poured out and His glory covering the earth.  This will ultimately result in a promised end time harvest of souls coming into the Kingdom of God, community and societal transformations, and the formation of a beautiful, mature and passionate bride who is ready for the return of Jesus Christ, the Bridegroom King. 

Rick Joyner writes that, “We are coming to the most exciting times in history, but this is also a warning.  If we are not prepared for what is coming, we will be victims of it. This coming worldwide revival will also be one of the biggest challenges ever.  Moves of God are often referred to as waves in history because a wave is an accurate metaphor.  For a surfer, there are few things as thrilling as catching ’the big one.’  However, if you’re casually strolling in the surf and the big one catches you by surprise, you will likely eat a lot of sand and drink a lot of salt water”.

I don’t claim to know how far apart in time these waves will be or whether they will strike simultaneously.  I just know they are both on the horizon and moving quickly towards us…

This 480 page handbook covers a host of relevant topics such as: 
Learning to Learn – Seeing with Fresh Eyes
the Call to Find Superior Pleasure in the Trinity
the Coming Monster Waves of Revival and Awakening,
Apostolic Expansion: Five-Fold, New Wineskins, Marketplace Ministry, 7 Mountain
Making Wise Lifestyle Choices in a Growing Nutritional Famine, 
More Economic Trouble Ahead, 
Waco Weather, Devastating Disasters, the New Norm, 
Towards a Counterfeit and Temporary New World Order (global elite and/or Islamic agenda)
the End Times and the Return of Jesus, the True Heavy Weight Champion of the World.
With mankind on the verge of experiencing the best of times, the worst of times and the end of times, it is imperative that we get informed and prepared – not out of fear and panic but rather out of a faith-filled sense of adventure and divine destiny. We were born for such a time as this!
One could read a sample of the book and order it (if in North America) on Jerry's website, 



It can also be ordered on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Xulon Press and available in E-Book.
It is also available at The Resource Center at Catch The Fire, Toronto.


Jerry Steingard, holds a MDiv. from Regent College and a Doctor of Practical Ministry from Wagner Leadership Institute and has pastored for 25 years. Jerry has been in PIH since its inception in 1996. Jerry is presently not pastoring but focusing on writing and is available for itinerant speaking. Jerry and his wife, Pam, currently reside in Stratford, ON Canada.

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