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The Times We Live In

Dear Partners and Friends,

Our world is facing massive challenges these days, especially for Christians in the Middle East, Africa and now North America.  Many of us are reeling by the recent US Supreme Court decision allowing same-sex marriage nation-wide.  Although that has been the law in Canada for almost 10 years, with corresponding limiting of Christians freedoms, many of us never thought it would happen in the US.

Jesus said there would be signs of His coming:

Jerusalem under control of Jews – Luke 21:24
“As in the days of Noah” Matt. 24:37  …. mocking of faith and denial of coming judgement.
“As in the days of Lot.”Luke 17:28  ….open and public immorality
Many deceived by false prophets and teachers  Matt. 24:11
An abounding in lawlessness.  Matt. 24:12
The gospel of the kingdom preached to all ethnic groups Matt. 24:14

Regardless of where you see Matthew and Luke’s discourses in history or eschatolgical prophetic events we see the definite application in our days today.

Change is here to stay.  Our world is changing and we are being tested.
Recently I was reading through Rev. 2 and 3 and the Lord stopped me on Smyrna, the persecuted church.  (By the way we have a great PIH church in Smyrna, which today goes by the name Izmir, in Turkey).

The Lord Jesus, who reminded the church that He was still very much alive, and was still the First and Last, warned the church that persecution is coming.
In synopsis He said:
Rev. 2:10.   To follow me means at times you will suffer.  I love the Word of Faith movement but any hint that we will never suffer needs to be corrected.

You are in a war…  The devil is personal and active behind physical forces throwing people into prison.

THIS IS A TEST…..  In my wonderful Spirit filled Bible edited by Jack Hayford TEST is defined as explore, examine, prove.

We are called to be overcomers.  As John Arnott has often repeated you can’t be an overcomer if you have nothing to overcome.

It’s not about this life, it’s about eternity.  Will we get the crown?  Will we be faithful?  Unless the Lord comes we will all die once but …… Don’t be hurt by the second death!!!!

Bill Johnson preaches that a Christian Worldview of Eternity is the cornerstone of Reason and Wisdom.

Grace to you as leaders in the Body of Christ as you face these trying days.

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