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The Value of Vision

The Importance of Vision

The Book of Genesis conveys a couple of instances when God called forth vision in Abraham’s life (Genesis 13:14-15; 15:5). Abraham received vision from God to behold the impossible as being possible. Abraham’s vision pulsated with faith in his heart for the remainder of his life.

Genuine, God-given vision causes you to expect God to do what you cannot do. Vision gives you impetus to move forward by faith. It also gives you the stamina to continue working toward the fulfillment of your God-given dream, even in spite of impossible circumstances.

Vision from God always focuses on who God is and what He has chosen to do in and through your life. True God-given vision challenges you to believe for the impossible. In addition to this, as you pursue the vision God has given you, your faith will grow. You will expect God to do what you cannot do. In other words, vision from God will motivate you to believe Him to work the impossible and thereby, manifest His kingdom on earth; both in and through your life!

It is the will of God that you receive His vision. How can you receive a vision from God?

1) Ask God to give you a vision.

2) Associate with people who have vision.

3) Read about people that had or have vision.

Articulate Your Vision

Once you receive vision from the Lord, your next priority will be to articulate your vision.

In the Book of Habakkuk, God told the prophet to, “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it.” (Habakkuk 2:2)

God told Habakkuk that others would run when they read the vision. The truth conveyed is this: Clearly articulated, God-given vision will motivate others to believe God to perform what He has purposed to do.

Consider the vision at Catch the Fire Toronto: “To walk in God’s love and give it away to Toronto, and to the world.” This vision statement is easy to remember but powerful in its application!

 It takes time to hone your vision. Here are some practical suggestions:

1) Write down or type whatever is in your heart.

3) Ask the Lord to help you simplify your vision so that others will remember it.

2) Share your written thoughts with a trusted Christian friend or elder.

4) Practice writing or typing your vision until you have it honed.

A Strategy to implement Vision

Vision from the Lord will motivate you as you pursue your plans and goals. Everything you do in life and ministry will propel you toward fulfilling your God-given vision.

If you lead a church or ministry, it is important that you understand how vision can affect the people that follow you. Simply put, your vision will become their vision. As they listen to you expound on the vision and see God bring it to pass, their hearts will continue to develop trust in you as a leader. Here are some suggestions to help people catch your vision:

  1. Expound on the vision by preaching and teaching from the Word of God.
  2. Write the vision on a banner and post it in your church.
  3. Remind the people of the vision on a regular (monthly or quarterly) basis.
  4. Type your vision on your web site, weekly bulletin, or some other form of media.

Vision and Money

Vision has the “power” to release financial resources into your ministry. It has been said that, “Money is quick to run after vision, slow to catch up to need.”

Consider the financial blessing that abounded during the time of the early church. Believers were being added to the Lord daily. The Book of Acts indicates that many of them sold possessions and gave the money to the apostles.

If you are lacking in financial resources, perhaps you are not clearly communicating your God-given vision.          

Today more than ever, the world needs people and leaders of vision! We know that times are tough in the economy. But we do not depend on this earthly economy to meet our needs. The Lord is our provider and His economy – the kingdom of God – has limitless resources!

Ask the Lord to give you His vision. Then write it down. Preach and teach the vision until others “catch it.” Expect the Lord to release His resources into your life and ministry. After all, God provides for what He promotes!

Dr. Phil Gauthier is a trainer of coaches with and an advisor to Global Entrepreneurs Institute, a branch of LaRed International. Phil has pastored for 28 years. He is a teacher and he ministers in a prophetic anointing. Phil and his wife Caroline currently serve as senior pastors of Hope in Life Church (a Friends in Harvest Church), which they founded in 1997. They reside in Carmel, New York.



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